Our Purpose

To provide technology and services that bring sustainable, productive, and healthy solutions to smart buildings.

About Us

Our product is purpose built for an industry that hasn’t changed much in 60 years. Designed from the ground up with the potential to save enormous amounts of time & energy, while also providing higher quality lighting and enhancing productivity for workers and students.

Our cloud-based software solution is built to work simply and effectively while dealing with the specific issues faced within the lighting & control industry. Whether it’s lead generation, energy and cost analysis, project delivery, or anything in between, our software has the answer and it all starts with something as simple as changing a light bulb, no joke!

We are passionate about sustainability and are determined to change the world we work and play in!


They started by building a better mousetrap in Excel that ended up being used by several companies across the US. After talking with those companies and other lighting suppliers, they decided they could build a better solution that was cloud based, mobile, easy to use, and integrated to automate lighting sales. The company that sprouted from that process is Retrolux, a company built from the customer point of view to increase lighting sales, reduce overhead costs, and simplify the process of getting lighting products from manufacturer to building. Every day, our team strives to create an innovative software solution for the field workers, grounded in your ethics: responsible, hardworking, and dependable.

Retrolux: Built For the Lighting Industry, By the Lighting Industry


The Birth of Retrolux

The idea for Retrolux was born in 2012 when founder, Leif Elgethun, got fed up with using pencil, paper, and Excel for lighting retrofits. He looked for software and realized nothing existed that was cloud based, mobile, easy to use, and integrated to simplify lighting sales.

Tucked away on the third floor of the historic Alaska Building in downtown Boise, Retrolux occupies a unique space in the commercial building industry. They provide cloud-based software that is transforming how lighting contractors, suppliers, and building owners work together as a team to save money and energy in lighting and control retrofit projects.

After a few years of product research, design, and development, Retrolux has become a known and trusted resource in the energy efficient lighting industry.

We believe that the fight for energy resources is one of the largest problems facing humankind and the status quo since the industrial age started could basically be described as ‘find a resource and burn it.’ We believe that solving the energy crisis will enable us to solve other problems, like water and food shortages, with solutions that minimize energy usage, enhance productivity, and bring health benefits to the buildings we work and play in.