Consolidate your entire sales and administration process into a single solution – saving time and money!

Connect directly with manufacturers and build project teams, estimate rebates and utility incentives automatically, include financing in your proposals, and have product information and pricing at your finger tips!

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Manufacturers & AGENTS

Seamlessly connect to your buyers, receive instant market and sales pipeline insights, and simplify your sales channel

Significantly reduce your buyer acquisition and support time, directly connect to your buyers, instant product and pricing updates, and tools to encourage repeat buying!

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One Platform - Lead to Commissioning

Simplify and Accelerate Your Sales Process

Retrolux streamlines your project sales and delivery process through our single, integrated platform. No redundant data entry, less time wasted, increased close rates, and faster sales cycles!


Data in the cloud

Instant and Accurate Product Information and Pricing

Directly connecting buyer and seller provides quick and easy access to up to date and accurate product information including spec sheets, IES files, DLC and Energy Star approvals, and pricing – improving speed in creating proposals and allowing for direct purchase all on one platform!


Rebates & Incentives

Automatically estimate rebates & incentives for your projects

We automatically calculate the proper local utility rebates & incentives for your project with our database tracking 3250 utilities with over 950 utility programs. Our process makes this simple & efficient and lets you get back to what you do best – closing deals!