Retrolux Lighting Audit Software Webinars

At Retrolux, we believe in cutting through the noise and offering something worth listening to. This is why we have created “Lighting the Way” webinar Series. Forget the long thinly veiled sales webinar, we’re going for a short impactful 30 minute presentations on a timely topic with a strong takeaway that will benefit your business right away. Click below to Register Now since space is limited.

The Impact of Artificial Light at Night

The Impact of Artificial Light at Night – Presented by David Mitchell, Lumican

Wednesday, July 31st at 2:00pm Eastern Time

You have probably heard the term “Dark Sky Compliance” but what does that really mean? Some people think that just by switching to LED lighting that somehow it is compliant. It’s time to better understand what DSC truly means and how LED lighting is impacting our night skies.

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The Changing Landscape of Manufacturers

The Changing Landscape of Manufacturers – Part II – Presented by Retrolux CEO, Leif Elgethun along with Special Guests.

Wednesday, August 21st at 2:00pm Eastern Time

Back by popular demand, we are presenting Part II of our webinar on “The Changing Landscape of Manufacturers.” This presentation will have a focus on Controls and how they have impacted manufacturers. We will also be discussing related strategies and what the future holds for the lighting industry.

This is an interactive Q&A session hosted by Retrolux CEO, Leif Elgethun, along with Special Guest Panelists.

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